Company Profile

PT IAMBEU Mina Utama (“I AM BE U”) was established in 1998. The name IAMBEU originates from Sanskrit, Tat Tvam Asi, that means “I am You”.

Operating as a supplier of quality fish for hotels and restaurants in Bali, the company also exports fishery products to various countries in the world, starting from Australia, Singapore, Canada, Japan, the United States, Dubai, South Korea, Qatar, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, other countries. -Middle Eastern countries and other Asian countries. Local residents can also buy fresh catches at our fish market. We aim to harvest and serve the finest and freshest seafood, to improve the health and well-being of the next generation.

The company was founded by I Gusti Arya Eman Himawan, ST. He continues his involvement in the fishing industry in Indonesia and has been a pioneer of the Bali’s fishing industry. Under his leadership, the corporation evolved into a strong, diverse and global seafood company with interests in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture as well as seafood processing and distribution.












I AM BE U is one of Indonesia’s leading commercial fishing companies, that catch and source sustainable seafood. It owns HACCP certified seafood for fresh tuna, pelagic (swordfish, marlin, etc.), demersal (Barramundi, Red Snapper), cephalopod (squid, octopus, etc.), lobster, and shrimp for the world markets. It operates a certified and sustainable Barramundi fish farm located at North Bali.

Company Legalities

Brand name : I AM BE U
NIB. 0220105300838
Akta No. 165 Tanggal 28 Juni 2024, PT Iambeu Mina Utama
Export License No 02.061085


US FDA Registration No 14607843052

BRC Site Code No. 4279771 and Certificate No. 401A1804001


List of Certification:

HACCP Certified For Fresh Tuna No 254/PM/HACCP/PS/10/23

HACCP Certified For Fresh Pelagic Fish No. 256/PM/HACCP/PS/10/23

HACCP Certified For Fresh Shrimp No 203/PM/HACCP/PS/10/23

HACCP Certified For Fresh Crab No 241/PM/HACCP/PS/10/23

HACCP Certified For Fresh Demersal Fish No. 253/PM/HACCP/PS/10/23

HACCP Certified For Fresh Cephalopod No. 202/PM/HACCP/PS/10/23

HACCP Certified For Fresh Lobster No 208/PM/HACCP/PS/10/23

HACCP Certified For Frozen Tuna No 255/PM/HACCP/PB/10/23

HACCP Certified For Frozen Pelagic Fish No. 258/PM/HACCP/PB/10/23

HACCP Certified For Frozen Demersal Fish No. 257/PM/HACCP/PB/10/23

HACCP Certified For Frozen Cephalopod No. 209/PM/HACCP/PB/10/23

HACCP Certified For Frozen Lobster No 210/PM/HACCP/PB/10/23

HACCP Certified For Frozen Shrimp No 204/PM/HACCP/PB/10/23

HACCP Certified For Frozen Crab No 242/PM/HACCP/PB/10/23